I'm a member of staff on the Minecraft server VillageCraft, and I had an idea to create a system where players can see their statistics easily on the website, and compare them with other players. It shows things such as total time online, current balance and nickname, among other things. In addition to this, certain tags can be added to players, which provides particle effects when the player is on any of the VC servers. This is to help make certain players such as staff, donators or competition winners stand out and be easily recognised.

The system works by storing the player's information in an SQL table, where it can be read by the website, and by the plugin on the servers. These are all updated automatically when the player leaves the server, and can be manually updated anytime at their will. Any changes take effect when people next visit the website, or relog on the server.

You can view the latest beta version of the website here. This is updated ahead of the main website on VC, to test new features and to avoid breaking things. The design is different to this website, as it was designed to fit into the style of VC. As I created this project for a server, I am not offering the code avaliable for an easy download, although if you contact me I will discuss with the server owners if I can provide you with the source code, to recreate the project yourself.

“Above all else show the data.”
- Edward R. Tufte